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Legend Distilling Naramaro Launches


Legend Distilling is thrilled to announce the launch of their latest product – NARAMARO.   
Inspiration for Legend Distilling’s Naramaro is to be a locally sourced and produced hark back to the original French Amer Picon.  Amer Picon is a rare, almost impossible to find amaro that is the necessity for many classic cocktails especially the Brooklyn cocktail, Pisco Punch and Amer Biere. 
When developing our own local version of Amaro we looked to the expertise of superstar  bartender and industry consultant Shawn Soole of Victoria, BC.  Shawn’s extensive knowledge of the Amari category and the cocktails it inspires was invaluable in our development of Naramaro. 

Legend has it.....herbal elixirs were made by Monks and Medicine Men alike to ward off plague, evil spirits and as a potential cure all for anything from snake bites to stomach ailments. Traditionally, herbal liqueurs have been enjoyed as a digestif, after a meal. In Italy, Amaro (Italian for 'bitter') has been made in almost every small town, crafted using herb and botanicals that reflect the environment. Handmade in Naramata, this is our Amaro. 

Shawn Soole